"Around 10 years ago on a night out my cousin told me that whenever I walked into a room everyone noticed. I was confident, loud and enjoying life with lots of friends and a packed social calendar.

Six years later I gave birth to my beautiful first born and found myself feeling a way I'd never experienced before. The most simple of tasks made me feel physically sick and I couldn't bring myself to leave the house most days. After a complete mental breakdown I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and severe anxiety. I had to find a way to make it through each day whilst taking care of my baby; loving myself hit the bottom of the priority pile. Most people will tell you that having a baby will change you. That's true for me. Not only mentally, but physically too. The skimpy tops and six inch heels were a thing of the past and I started to tire of my standard attire of jeans and cardigans

I wanted to feel good again. It was around this time that I found Polka Dots and Petticoats and the wonderful Jackie. I started ordering dresses which would come beautifully wrapped and would flatter my new figure. It didn't matter that I had stretch marks or c section scars because I felt amazing.

When Jackie asked for applicants to model her beautiful dresses I was utterly against the idea. My husband told me that as a long standing customer of Jackie's and a former confident person I should apply. My application took days and I never expected to be chosen.

The day itself was amazing. I met some wonderful people and made some new friends that I truly believe will be lifelong. My hair was incredible and Cheryl, our photographer, made us all feel like superstars.

That day I realised that we are all beautiful in our own ways and that our differences are what makes us beautiful. My new motto is 'why be someone else when I can be me?' "