Customer Survey

We recently carried out a Customer Survey for your feedback and opinions on all aspects of Polka Dots and Petticoats.  We were delighted that 100 of our customers volunteered to take part.  Here is a summary of the results with a selection of responses - your comments mean so much and we are already planning changes and additions as a direct response to your feedback!  

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out a survey.  Grab a cuppa and see what our customers have to say!


 We asked - What is your overall initial impression of Polka Dots and Petticoats in general?

 Beautiful stuff! Easy website to use. Feels like its got the personal touch!

 Lots of cuteness. Unusual gift ideas.Classic styling.

 I think it's a lovely online shop with gorgeous dresses which are also reasonably priced. Best dress shop I have found.

 I was very impressed with the service I got when I made my first purchase. Jackie was very helpful and put in a special order for me. My parcel arrived quickly and was probably the most beautifully wrapped order I've ever received from a company.

 Very nice site, pretty and girly, well suited to the products

 Very good. Professional. Friendly. Classy. Good range of stock at good prices.

 Beautiful items, great easy to use website, good prices

 My impression of polka dots and petticoats is that it's a very professionally run business by a lovely lady who takes care of her customers and the effort to make sure she does as much as possible for them with good quality products at reasonable prices!

 I LOVE IT!! I think the items for sale are beautiful, unique and just my style. I would love to buy more items and I plan to for friends birthdays and maybe just for myself!

 Amazing business, that makes you feel truly valued as a customer, with its special personalised touches. Beautiful good valued products that are excellent quality

 Fantastic website with lovely products

 Professional, pretty and unique.

 Pretty dress selection and great customer service

 Love the pretty website. Items are good and your are getting a better selection of lifestyle items that I can buy for friends. Love the promotions you run that make me look at items I might otherwise miss

 Gorgeous products. But I haven't been able to purchase items yet because they sell out very quickly but I don't make quick decisions. I'm always too late. Haha

 Gorgeous! I love the chic fashion at the moment and they're bang on trend! I know where I'm online shopping on my next payday! The website is easy to use and the stuff is reasonably priced.

 Wonderful! I want the whole shop! Really quick delivery and great service.

 Great items, reasonable prices, user friendly website.

 Lovely, personal feel to everything. Just fantastic!

 Loving the vintage feel.

 A truly wonderful experience shopping with Polka Dots and Petticoats.... Everything is wrapped with such care and love, it really makes you feel valued and appreciated as a customer. The prices are fantastic ~ if anything underpriced for the quality! I can honestly say I have never received such beautiful parcels nor have I been given such brilliant customer service in my life. Thank you for building up such an amazing shop Jackie ~ you have done a fabulous job and I'm very certain that your empire will only get bigger and greater :) Thank you xxx 

 Great. Really great, helpful easy to use website. The clothes are amazing and the exact fashion style I love. Jackie is so helpful and lovely. It made shopping with Polka Dots and Petticoats a dream.

 Splendid! A business run for the love of bringing Joy and prettiness to all your customers.

 Absolutely fantastic. Receiving my parcel was more like receiving a present from a friend, and there are so many lovely things on the site to choose from too.

 Brilliant. I purchased a dress, them realised that I would have no shoes that would match it at all. I emailed and asked if it would be possible to cancel the order, and this was promptly done. Brilliant customer service.

 Great range of products which are good value and personal service.

 Personal service, beautiful gifts, and dresses. Amazing packages and I love the touch of the little quote I always keep mine and pin them to my mirror x

 Brilliant products, excellent service and beautiful packaging

 I love the customer service and the range of items available. So many unique things I have been longing for all in one place.

 Fantastic website with stunning items, beautifully packed and a really great pricing.

 Very helpful and good customer service. Helped me when I needed to return a dress. Excellent packaging too! Much nicer than usual mail orders.

 Fantastic website ,choice and service .items are so beautifully packaged and done with love and care.i love shopping here the quality is outstanding .any queries are quickly answered .

 I PROPER <3 <3 <3 Polka Dots and Petticoats. The products are fabulous, good quality, gorgeous and reasonably priced :)

 Very generous with always tempted...just waiting to move into my new home before i stock up. Very reasonable prices!

 Lovely quality items gift wrapped perfectly, delivered quickly and excellent customer service.

 Fabulous indulgent shopping experience.

 A brilliantly run business full of amazing wonders and treasures! The packets you recieve are almost too well presented to want to open!

 Love it! Would buy more if i had the finances at this time

 A lovely mix of desirable things

 It is a lovely site with gorgeous products and amazing customer service.

 Beautiful website with lovely goodies!

 Great customer service, beautiful products.

 Very professional but personal at the same time

 I LOVE Polkadots & Petticoats!! Jackie's customer service skills are impeccable; she's always on hand to answer questions and give information. I order a few different dresses in the 'Hepburn' range for a wedding as I wanted to see how the colours were on me; I ended up keeping 2 of them and Jackie was happy for me to send the others back and provide a refund. Outstanding!!

 Fab assortment of items, regularly stocked with new & unusual products.

 Extremely good. The products are beautiful, good quality and affordable. My orders have arrived quickly and I adore the wrapping, makes it extra special! Have ordered for myself and as presents for friends and they have loved it! I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

 I love it, easy to navigate, lots of lovely things!

 Very accessible, cute site. Friendly, helpful. Gives the impression of being genuinely interested in the customer, regardless of level of spend

 I love it. Your attention to detail is superb. It's often the little things which matter and you take care of them

 Excellent - fantastic service, great quality product and beautiful wrapping. Can't ask for more.

 Very lovely, friendly yet professional service. I was kept in the loop on all of my orders via email and the emails were personal & specific o me rather than an utmost if generic email. My items arrived very quickly and we're beautifully packed.

 Great value, stock different to the high street (especially dresses) fab personal service

 I love it, the website is set out really well and easy to use, the products are gorgeous and really well priced, and the packaging is the cutest thing ever! Such a beautiful personal touch!

 Fabulous. Can't really say any more than that. Service, choice, friendliness, really lovely stock.

 Very professional. The website is beautiful and functional too. Jackie is a lovely lady and the packaging of the orders is second to none.

 Absolutely great. Love everything you've had for sale and the fact that silly prices aren't charged. It means I've been able to treat myself every so often despite not having a great disposable imcome. Every time I order I feel valued as a customer - great communication as to when items will be delivered and then the packaging is just beautiful.


We asked you about the website - is it easy to use? 

Yes the website is easy to use and well laid out.

 It is easy to use, however I would prefer a mobile friendly version.

 Great website, easy to use and set out very well.

 Very user friendly, easy to navigate, plenty of useful links like customer testimonials

 Yes. The website is simple to use and not at all complicated.

 The website is easy to navigate and it's nice to be able to go straight to what you're looking for!

 Most of the time yes although it would be nice to have a few more photos of items. More detail shown etc

 Extremely easy to use and fast :) xxx

 Very nicely laid out and the design really suits the product sold too, its nice to find a retail site that has as much personality

 I love the look of it. The colour and style give it a lovely vintage look. I find it easy to use and have never had any issues.

Easy to use and particularly like the Newly Listed items part for a quick look at newbies.

 Yes, easy but I've only used it on a mobile and the icons are small. Would be great to know have a mobile version of the site.

 Website easy to use, had no problems finding products as they are headings for different items.

 It's so easy to use and customer friendly. Everything is in easy to browse sections.

I like the overall look of the website. The vintage style matches the products and it looks very pretty. The categories at the top of the page make browsing for and finding products easy. It's nice to have customer photos to see what the dresses look like on.

 Very easy to navigate and very user friendly. Very appealing to the eye. Not too 'busy' looking

 Definitely. It's beautifully organised and easy to select products.

 Great website, easy to use - no problems at all



 We asked if there was anything missing on the website, or that you would like to see more of? 

 Would be nice to get reviews from each specific item on the page.

 Reviews on each product.

 Customer photos would be good to see what the dresses look like on

 Not really!love it how it is xx

 Customer photos are always good as it gives you a great idea of the item being used for purpose.

 More photos of customers wearing dresses, especially real sized women. I'd love to order a dress but often think 'would that suit me?', especially because I am plus size! :-)

 Maybe some pictures of the dresses on real life women (14+) however, I am aware that this is something you are looking into

 More of the dresses shown on a model to see the fit a bit better

 More photos of models wearing your larger sizes

 I would like more photos of the dresses on models. Give me a better idea of how it will fit.

 More customer photos, consumers are all different shapes and sizes so it would be nice to see the fit on people who are happy with their purchases and why they'd reccommend Polka Dots and Petticoats.

  More pictures of the clothes being modelled in the dress section to get a better idea of the fit.

 No ~ I wouldn't change a thing xxx

 More customer photos of other products they have brought, beside the dresses

 Nope love it x

 I would like to see more photos/customer photos but it's nothing big that's missing. Just a personal preference.

 No I think the website advertises products well and also has the right amount of customer photos and reviews.

More pictures of different angles with products such as handbags



 We asked about communication when placing an order - was it sufficient?  Could we improve it? 

  Yes communication is brilliant.

Yes, saying the order has been received was good. Telling me when it would be dispatched and when it would be processed was good too

Yes had a few parcels now from the site very good at communicating the delivery of the parcel never had any problems!!

 Absolutely!!! Jackie keeps in touch as needed :-)

 Yes plenty, my first order from Jackie was a beautiful lindy hop dress, there was a delay with the order from the wholesaler and I was kept up to date with everything. Jackie, informs of when the order has been received, processed and dispatched so you know exactly when your beautiful package will arrive

 Through communication and you always get back to me if I ask a question

 Definitely and the emails are always very considerate and friendly.

 yes. There was regular emails about the delivery status which was really helpful

I have had a wonderful experience of communication throughout the ordering process. Communication from beginning to end and even after. Excellent customer service.

 Yes, communication is always excellent.

 Yes as there are various ways to communicate and replies are quick

 The level of communication is just right, you are kept informed but not bombarded with information.

 More than enough, it's excellent. I had a delayed order due to a post office error but was kept up to speed the whole way.

 Absolutely - can't fault Jackie on the service and communication

 Yes, updated when packages were sent etc - felt like my parcel was just as special as every other order, rather than lost in a production packing line.

 Yes. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of communication compared to other sites, especially when preordering the teacup vase. Jackie kept me updated on the status of my order and I was very grateful to have so much communication.

 Communication is excellent, prompt and personal, even when I enquired about ordering in sizes shown as sold out on the site. I received very honest and personal advice about sizing and clear delivery indications. You cannot ask for more.

 Yes absolutely / one of the things I loved most about shopping with you

No. The personal touch is clear throughout the whole shopping experience.

As long as you have emails and check it regularly no one should have a problem.

I have had no problems at all so I am happy with the communication!

Already top notch!

No. Your newsletters are regular and I love all of your fabulous sales and discounts.



We asked which of the shops you had purchased from, and which were of no real interest to you. you about the website - is it easy to use? 

  The Dress, Accessories, Home and Pretty your Home Shops were by far the most popular.  Least popular were the Baby, Wedding and Garden shops.



We asked what you thought of our prices and whether you thought we offered value for money?


Great value.

Very good shops these days are so over priced when there is no need

Very good for the quality of items

Its good!! U always have a good promotions going on xx

They are very reasonable and affordable.

 Better than the high street for quality

 Reasonable, especially considering the quality

 I think you prices are perfectly reasonable.

 I think they are affordable. I have seen some lovely items that I would expect to find more expensively priced.

 Incrediby cheap!

 Very reasonable and I like how you have sales quite often

 Very good. Lots of encouraging offers.

 Reasonable, good value for money. The offeres given on instagram/facebook are very welcoming.

 I think all the prices are fair and reasonable.

 Very competitive within the range of items you offer.

 Very affordable, before I looked on the site I actually expected to pay more!

 Very good value for the quality. Not so cheap it devalues the product, but affordable and accessible

 Excellent - another main reason I shop at your site. I have seen similar, smaller shops charging a ridiculous amount for the same scarves


We asked what you thought of our packaging.


 Gorgeous. It's like receiving a present.

Loveeeee it x

I love it! My parcel was beautifully wrapped and looked amazing when it arrived - I didn't want to open it!

Fantastic, like getting a present

Absolutely beautiful and adds a personal touch that you don't see much these days.

Love it it's always so professionally done!

 LOVE IT!!!!!!

Amazing! It's so beautiful and the inspirational quotes and personalised message make you feel like such a valued customer.

Perfect do not change this!!!!!!!

Fantastic! Feels really personal. Don't even like opening it because I don't want to ruin the packaging.

 Amazing! Would be lovely if I was to buy a gift for someone from the website and know it was wrapped up as it has been

 A-MAZ-ING!!!! Its what makes you stand out from the crowd!!!!

Absolutely lovely, I was amazed that I had a hand written card with my order, it made me feel very special, as though I was opening a gift bot something I'd bought online for myself

 I love it! It's something many companies overlook so it's a lovely touch and was something I wasn't expecting when I ordered.

AMAZING!! So pretty and it made me feel valued as a customer as it was obvious you had wrapped it yourself. I didn't want to open it at first and even took a photograph - I can honestly say I have never photgraphedI packaging before but just had to document it on Instagram.

Wonderful, best packaging from a company I have ever received.

So pretty! It shows that care has been taken with products! Even my partner commented how nice it packaging was!

The best I've ever seen!

Fantastic packaging, such care taken, making customers feel special.

Soooooo pretty! The amount of time & effort spent on on your packing shows your love for your products & want to ensure every item is appreciated the way it should be.

Each delivery feels special and I feel a genuine sense of excitement and anticipation unwrapping such lovely packaging

Fragile / glass items packed really well & beautifully presented!

Beautiful! I love receiving parcels from you! I have saved all my little quotes you put on the packaging, I love them!!



If you had purchased a dress or clothing from us, we asked what you thought about the fit, quality and feel

I was very happy with my dress (bought for a friends 30th), and I'm looking at purchasing another and a cardigan very soon!

 Yep I love my dress and want another!

 My dress is beautiful. For the price the quality matches items I have bought from a popular dress maker of 50's style garments but is much more affordable. I can't wait to wear it at my 40th birthday party and know I'm going to feel amazing in it.

Beautiful dress, got loads of compliments, the fit wasn't perfect but that's more to do with me than the dress

 I ordered a Audrey Hepburn dress love the color feel and the look!

Excellent quality and fit 'proper sizes' (in the case of the dress I brought anyway) it's lovely to find a store that caters to the larger curvier real woman rather than the media's perception of what size a woman should be.

 I bought 5 dresses for my bridesmaids and they were all pretty happy with them apart from one grumpy sister!

I was very pleased!!!

 Yes. For the money I didn't expect the dresses to be lined or a heavy weight cotton so they were spot on with my expectation and the fit exceeded it.

Yes thought they were very nice the sizes were a good fit

 Very happy. Quality excellent

Loved the dress I bought. Great quality and feel but it didn't fit me quite shoulders may be a bit small for it? But I managed to get it to sit nicely and had a lot of compliments.

I was delighted with my skirt. The fit is lovely and the quality is excellent

 For the price of the dress I was surprised by the quality

 Perfect items, fit well and looked like quality items

 Absolutely stunning x

The quality is amazing. The fit is never perfect with me due to my awkward sizing. But this does not stop me ordering. I just get them altered to fit me. It's not possible to get a dress that fits me perfectly unless hand made so it's something I'm used to.

 Great experience and excellent, great value product.

 Overall I am very happy. The particular dress I bought didn't fit and had to be exchanged. I see now that the website recommends ordering a size larger which is good as that was what I found. The quality is excellent and I'm very pleased I got it.

Fantastic quality washes really well very comfy .

I LOVED IT, I felt like a princess for my birthday! Thank you XXX

The quality was brilliant, it was so affordable that I didn't quite expect the qulity to be THAT good if I'm honest. It fits perfectly (I used your suze guide) and I just wish I had more occassions to wear it. I am going to a wedding this summer and so, I will be having a look on your website.

I was surprised how good quality the skirt was for the price

Found the fit and sizing fine. Feel was as expected, lovely item.

I bought a dress from you for my honeymoon. It is great quality and made me look and feel pretty. My husband loved it too and then bought me another dress from you, so it was even better.

 Have only bought scarves which are great quality

I LOVE my 'Hepburn' dresses! I ordered a few different dresses in the 'Hepburn' range for a wedding as I wanted to see how the colours were on me; I ended up keeping 2 of them and I absolutely LOVE them! Colour, fit and how they made me feel is awesome :-)

Fit was a bit of a problem at first with the Dresses as they are different shapes & it depends on size at the start however refunding any dress has not been an issue

I have received nothing but complements in the dresses. Advice about fit was spot on and they are perfect for me. The fabric on all the dresses is lovely, good quality and they all wash and wear beautifully, especially the stretch cotton

Considering the price I really didn't expect the clothing to be of such good quality. I love the dresses I've got & have just purchased another.



 We asked what we could do to improve, or make things better or easier for you as a customer
Maybe an email to say when out of stock items back in stock.

A mobile friendly website

Love it how it is !! Xx

I really am not sure you could improve the service you provide to your customers.

I love everything about polka dots and petticoats

Genuinely I think you have a lovely website, you seem like a genuinely nice and friendly person who cares about your customers and the quality of your goods.

Keep going your a brilliant company

 More offers from time to time

Stay personal and small:-)

 Sorry to not be much help but I honestly think everything you're doing and have been doing for the past 9 months has been amazing xxx

 I dont think so. I only ever read positive reviews

I hope my previous comments are useful, I have been critical a little but thats all in a spirit of Love as I know you want honest constructive feedback not ears being tickled.☺️ You work so hard and you give totally of yourself. I love your personal touch telling us when you are shattered or need a break or are poorly etc. It makes us customers feel your friends and thats what makes you special.

Telling is when an item is estimated to be back in stock and maybe even having a waiting list for when it is back in stock so nobody misses out

Honestly I have no complaints - just keep up the good work.

Don't know if you already do this but if items are out of stock perhaps customers could be kept on a waiting list till item available, with updates?

I don't think that the service, site etc could be better really

No, think you have done amazing for a business to grow in 9 months! Well done



We asked what you liked best about Polka Dots and Petticoats

 Great choice.

The personal service

Service, communication, candle shop.

 Individuality. I like that it's different and not a high street clone.

Its pretty, girly, satisfyingly vintage!!!! Its hard to find pretty/modest dresses these days

Very cute style

I love the dresses and the laid back friendly attitude that Jackie has - it's almost like she is an old friend rather than a company.

The dresses and the customer service!

What's not to like?! I love the style and the prettiness!

Everything, but I think the thing that is most evident is Jackie love for her business, hard work and effort that she puts in, it's also obvious how much she values your custom. Please don't ever loose this its what makes your business so special!

The products and the lovely jackie!

Friendly unique items and quality of customer service

It's prettiness and uniqueness - please don't stock 'standard' brands!!!

Shopping experience when package recieved. Love the hand written notes. I feel valued as special customer

The personal touch you put with every order is phenomenal. And your dresses look really lovely and modest compared to what I find in shops.

How gorgeous and girly everything is!

You are always so helpful

 The great service. You're obviously very dedicated and it really shows through the fantastic work that you do.

The personality and character in everything you sell and do xxx

There are so many things I love but it has to be the fact that I know my order is valued and will be handled with care, and that if (somehow) there ever was a problem that it would be resolved not by someone in a big call centre but by people who genuinely care about their customers

The fact I can buy a dress and know it will fit me and I'm not made to feel like a plus size despite the fact I wear a 12/14

 Pretty website providing an array of quirky products

 Customer service, attention to detail, product and prettyness

Its vintage, classic, shabby chic and I love the personal touch. I feel valued as a customer and I can tell that you genuinely value your customers too.

The way it is 'dressed'

I love the service. I enjoy the instagram feed and how friendly you are to everyone there, it makes you feel at ease buying.

 Seeing items I wouldn't find anywhere else. Great customer service Fab packaging Enjoy updates via social media and newsletter.

 it feels like a boutique

You guys do such an amazing job considering how little time you've been up & running. You should be amazingly proud of what you've achieved - no matter what happens next don't lose your sparkle xx

It's individual stock and its friendly home grown reputation.

Service, pretties and that packaging.


 That it doesn't feel too corporate and is a bit special

The products and how it feels very personal

Unique style. Friendly approach. And insight into a clever mummy who enjoys her job! We all have to have that

Being able to interact with you as a seller - especially on IG makes the whole shopping experience more personal and fun



 Finally, we asked you for a comment to sum up your experience with us

 Beautiful items for women that are in love with vintage style

Pink, girly and beautiful is what Polka Dots and Petticoats is all about.

For a class act with the personal touch Polka Dots and Petticoats deliver every time.

Highly recommended!

Polka Dots and Petticoats provide quality items at fantastic prices with amazing customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.

The best of good old fashioned customer service and the speed of modern technology

Superb quality of goods at reasonable prices with a personal friendly service that is little seen these days.

I love polka dots and petticoats I have ordered a few times and never been disappointed, Jackies customer service and personal touch is brilliant. I have/ would recommend them to friends and family.

A truly magical experience!

A pleasure to purchase from, nothing is too much bother for you and when your package arrives it looks like a beautiful present that someone has taken pride in just for you!!

Packaged with love and care, easy to purchase and lovely items.

Get some glamour in your life shop at Polka Dots and Petticoats

Your shop is like shopping with a friend, and it's a very pleasant experience.

Pretty special

Cute, chic and completly polka-petti-perfect!

The website and items are the most beautiful I have seen in a long! Great unique home wares and gorgeous dresses that really have the wow factor. I love Polka Dots and Petticoats and you will be hooked too xx

Such a fabulous website! If I could I'd buy the whole shop!

 Polka Dots and Petticoats Practically Perfect in Every way! If you love Audrey , Marilyn and Doris you'll love polka dots x Step back in time to when Women dressed as Ladies. Celebrate being a woman and dress to impress.

 Receiving a parcel from Polka Dots and Petticoats is more like receiving a gift from a friend than an online purchase. My skirt arrived beautifully wrapped with a hand written card attached - you definitely don't see that every day. Cannot recommend highly enough

Fantastic, affordable and feminine!

Beautiful products, excellent customer service and wonderful packaging xxx

 The most beautiful dresses and pretty goodies for you family, friends, home or just because x

 I love this site, everything is excellent and customer service is second to none. Made to feel like a friend rather than a customer.

Stylish clothes and friendly service!

I love this website with its great value for money ,beautiful items, great quality and love and care gone into every parcel

Wearing my dress made me feel so special, like a princess! And that feeling is priceless, thank you! XXX

Amazing customer service - friendly and affordable. The packaging was so pretty that I didn't want to open it, but when I did.....WOW!!

Under priced but definately not over rated!

Fantastic,reasonable priced goods and beautiful laid out website (easy to use).


Fabulous personal service, excellent range of products, gifts for friends, family and yourself!

My experience with Polka Dots and Petticoats has been second to none. The products and packaging are beautiful and all very well priced. The communication throughout the delivery process is excellent. A brilliant business run by a dedicated, hardworking lady.

The place to come to for not off the peg living

Polka Dots and Petticoats is a dream to shop from. The service is fantastic and the products are gorgeous, you can't help but come back and shop!

 A beautiful shopping experience.

Looking for that special item, wrapped and delivered with love and care! Unique items, friendly touch.

I really love everything about Polka Dots and Petticoats from the range available to the packaging and fantastic value for money of high quality items. Everything comes with a lovely personal touch.

I LOVE Polkadots & Petticoats!! Jackie's customer service skills are impeccable; she's always on hand to answer questions and give information. I order a few different dresses in the 'Hepburn' range for a wedding as I wanted to see how the colours were on me; I ended up keeping 2 of them and Jackie was happy for me to send the others back and provide a refund. Outstanding!!

Fantastic! Beautiful, affordable, excellent quality products which come gorgeously wrapped. Excellent communication and fast delivery. Would recommend to everyone!

 Extravagant without the price tag!

 I've never bought such well fitting dresses which get me so many compliments, never mind so beautifully wrapped. Thank you for making me feel so very special x

Great attention to detail in all ways.

From the moment you visit the website you experience first class customer service which makes you want to keep returning time after time.

 P&P is one of the best online boutiques! I've bought quite a lot from them and have never been dissatisfied! The products are all beautiful and the packaging is so pretty!

It is a fun exciting experience shopping from polkadots and petticoats. Jackie makes it 'ok' to treat ourselves....hard working mummies, just like her !

A friendly, welcoming shop full of lovely items for you and your home.

You are second to none. I was blown away by the packaging I received! Jackie is a lovely lady and her inspirational notes with my deliveries always make me smile. I will always use your company for myself and for gifts

If you love beautifully packaged, cute and quirky items at reasonable prices then polkadotsandpetticoats is the store for you

I have been a fan since the beginning and will continue to support Jackie as I love the website and adore the products. Never had such a personalised and friendly service.